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Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Drain

Understanding Dishwasher Issues

Our plumbers here at My Plumbing Redmond often receive routine calls and the most common job that we get are clogged dishwashers. Most people who have a dishwasher at home have a hectic schedule and they simply don’t have the time to handwash their dishes. So, a broken or clogged dishwasher presents a very real problem.

One of the most common problems faced by dishwasher owners is a clogged dishwasher. They’ve spent a large amount of money to purchase the dishwasher and will most likely want to find out why their dishwasher isn’t draining. They would like to know whether they should contact the appropriate professional to fix the problem or whether they could try and fix the problem themselves.

Here are a few tips and tricks that we’ve gathered so you can get rid of those, hopefully, minor clogging issues.

Blocked Hoses

One of the most common reasons why the water will not drain from the dishwasher is because the hoses that are used for drainage get clogged. The dirty water from cleaning the dishes is drained away from the dishwasher using hoses. Since oil, butter, flour, and other ingredients are used in the food, these ingredients may form a coating on the inner surface of the hose as they are being washed. Over a period of time, a complete blockage of the hose may occur. A flashlight can be used to check the hoses, and if they are clogged, they should be cleaned to remove the coating, using a brush or similar material.

Clogged filters

Though the exact design of the dishwasher may vary depending on the model used, most of the dishwashers have a large basket filter and a small mesh filter near the sump. While washing utensils, the dirt from these dishes and utensils will pass over these filters and coat them. The filters will eventually get completed covered with muck, blocking the holes and prevent water from draining. This problem can be fixed by removing these filters from the dishwasher. They can then be cleaned manually to remove all the dirt. The cleaned filters can be re-installed so that water can, once again, flow freely.

Other plumbing problems

In some cases, even after cleaning the hoses and filters, some dishwasher users find that the water is still not draining properly. In this case, there may be a problem with the plumbing system in the house, the pipes may be blocked at some stage. This is most likely caused by larger debris or other materials. Water may also not drain from other plumbing fixtures in the house if there is a blockage. If the homeowner is not able to fix this problem, it is advisable to contact a professional pipe inspector for checking the pipes in the home. He will identify the blockage and remove it quickly.

In Conclusion

While the above solutions will fix most of the dishwasher drainage problems, there may be some instances when the drainage problem is not resolved. If the dishwasher is new and under warranty, the dishwasher company should be able to provide free help to fix the problem. Otherwise, the dishwasher user should contact the proper repair professionals to fix the problem. They have the necessary tools to diagnose the drainage problem and fix it quickly.

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